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TN Logo

TN logo is the closest logo to my heart among all others I designed before. Thinking of a logo for personal usage might be confusing. I’m not representing a company or an organization, I’m just a freelancer who like to do stuff and share as a showcase. Then it becomes easier when I set my name to be my starting point. I did many tries to decide to use only the initials of my name. I did some nice drafts at first and it started to be clearer after some tries.

TN logo black and white
TN logo blueprint

Putting the two letters over each other saved me some space and gave me the square look of the logo. Subtracting the two letters from each other added more creative look to the logo. To be honest, I recalled what I read from “Google Materials Design Guideline” long time ago. The guide helped me a lot adding some shadows and definition to the last version of the logo.