The Work


Klaket is a mobile game more like its predecessor "Klaket Aflam", but it is larger with more levels and categories. After the success of "Klaket Aflam" I thought of a new version that has not only quizzes on movies, but also on multiple subjects. Klaket is developed in Android Studio meaning that it's completely native. The game runs smoothly on any android device with no lag or graphic issues.

Jan 23, 2017

Four Taps

Four Taps is a time killer mobile game for people who love tapping their screens. The Idea of the game came to me while I was playing a game on my game console. The Idea is simple. The game is about four enemies and four weapons.

Nov 10, 2016


MadPiolt is my first game on Android devices using Cordova. It’s considered as “discovery game” that I made to discover the Cordova platform.

Mar 26, 2015


Klaket Aflam is the last game I developed using Cordova plugin. The game is Arabic movie contest. It has only five levels in each level there are five questions. Each question has four answers for the question asked on a picture.

Jun 13, 2015