The Work

TN Logo

TN logo is the closest logo to my heart among all others I designed before. Thinking of a logo for personal usage might be confusing. I’m not representing a company or an organization, I’m just a freelancer who like to do stuff and share as a showcase.

Nov 26, 2016


The task is to replace a label of water bottle with new design. The mission was a bit easy since the old design was more like cleaners’ bottles. As I’m used to, the research is my starting point.

Mar 17, 2010


The Qptimizer is used as a financial application to optimize trading portfolios. The platform helps traders decide their portfolio constituents and corresponding weights based on their investment strategies.

Jan 08, 2013


I’m not into designing logos, but sometimes I’m asked to make a complete redesign including the logo.

Oct 07, 2012